Number One Drycleaner
And Launderer


We are an environmentally responsible drycleaner that offers a complete range of cleaning options. These include our new Italian organic hydrocarbon "Perc Free" Drycleaning machines as well as our recently installed German Wetcleaning System. Both cleaning systems are safe, biodegradeable & environmentally friendly. With these new additions we are the only drycleaner in the South Island that can provide you with a complete package cleaning service. We use the most advanced clean & green technology available today that is recognised internationally. 


Water Conservation - Water commonly used in commercial laundries generally becomes heavily polluted, mostly by fats, oils, greases and total suspended solids. Using modern technology, We clean and reuse a high proportion of this water providing massive benefits to the environment.

Vehicles - All our vehicles have GPS tracking units on board enabling us to manage, audit and reduce our carbon footprint. The GPS unit detects when a vehicle is moving and monitors unproductive idling time as well as reporting heavy acceleration or breaking - building a complete picture of how a vehicle is being driven and highlighting driving habits that waste resources. We can then identify which drivers need assistance to develop good driving practices and so on. Our new electric van services reduces this even further.


Plastic - All plastic film used in our premises is a biodegradable alternative to standard bulk produced plastic. We now offer our customers the choice of using plastic at all in store at the time of sale and have redesigned our stores layout to encourage non-use as well as offering reusable suit bags for purchase.

Hangers - Our instore hanger buy back initiative has seen a great response from customers with a significant increase in returns and therefore reuse.

Re Use

Giving back – Maxwells is proud to be heavily invested with the local Christchurch branch of Dress For Success, a local charity that supports women in need on their journey to gain employment and financial self sufficiency. All retail stores are drop off points for any donations also.

All for One - Maxwells pride themselves on the team that consists of some of the best people in the industry across New Zealand. Maxwells value and invest substantially into all personnel which enhances engagement in their work, our company mission and values and delivers long term benefits for all involved.