Maxwells Drycleaning Services


Whether its your everyday suit, your favorite coat or the school uniform could use a bit of a freshen up we can help. We offer a complete range of cleaning solutions to ensure the best clean possible.


Our onsite seamstress and qualified tailor are on hand at both Barrington and Fendalton (now five days a week!) to assist with all aspects of the trade, from simple repairs and alterations such as zips, hems, rips and holes to the more intricate and in depth requests. Our team prides themselves on offering you expert advice and workmanship. Our tailor will contact you with a quote to proceed if requested.


Your wedding dress goes through a lot, from the ceremony and photos to dinner, drinking and dancing the night away, lets just say it won't be so pristine after... We aren't just another drycleaner when it comes to wedding gowns, our bridal specialists have over 50 years of experience in the art of bridal after care, there isn't a fabric or stain that they haven't dealt with! Hot tip: the longer a stain is on your dress the more likely it is to have set and not lift off the fabric, for best results get your dress to us ASAP after the wedding! Whether you're hoping your sister of future daughter will want to wear it or you just want to save it for memories sake, how you store it will make the world of difference in preserving the fabric and detailing of your dress; we offer specialist boxes and acid free tissue paper complimentary with every dress cleaned to ensure preservation throughout the years. Bridal cleaning pricing varies so pop in to see any of our friendly team and they'll be able to assist you further.